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This coffee comes from the Finca Noruega located in the Ahuachapán mountain in the west of El Salvador. This farm is part of the “Renacer” Program (Reborn in Spanish) which is a technical coffee field school and educational program for local producers. The coffees have been washed and floated, after that the cherries are placed in sealed barrels to ferment for 60h, then laid out on drying beds for between 22 – 25 days.
Cupping score: 88,5
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Region: Ahuachapán – El Salvador

Farmer: Sigfredo Corado

Size: 250g

Cultivar: Pacamara

Drying Process: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1450m

Notes: Blackberry jam, mango and red wine with creamy body

Suggested for: Filter

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