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Las Lagunas


Carl Janson is the owner of the Hacienda Las Lagunas and he is originally from Sweden. Today, Las Lagunas is considered one of the best coffees producers in Panama and among 10 lots, we have chosen this wonderful lot! The roasting pro le developed for this lot is particularly light with a long caramelization, in order to promote the best of Carl’s work in Panama!

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Region: Volcàn Barù, Boqueròn – Panama

Farmer: Carl Janson Family

Size: 125g

Cultivar: Green – Tip Geisha

Drying Process: Anaerobic Washed Honey

Altitude: 1500m

Notes: Sparkling peach, Chamomile with Jasmine. Finishing notes, extremely clear cup

Cupping score: 91.75

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