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Jhone, his dad Tarcísio and the whole Lacerda family are the owners of this fantastic small farm (“sitio” in Portuguese) in the Caparaó mountain. Cafezal visited them in 2019 and since then we intent to carried out a long-lasting collaboration. This coffee is a very nutty product, that’s why the name “Castanha”, “nut” in Portuguese. We believe this coffee represent a typical espresso, so enjoy it in a moka pot or as an espresso.
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Region: Serra do Caparao, MG – Brazil

Farmer: Jhone Lacerda

Size: 250g

Cultivar: Red Catuai

Drying Process: Natural

Altitude: 1300m

Notes: Brazilian nut, macadamia, dark chocolate, intense hazelnut finish

Suggested for: Espresso

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