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Los Angeles – capsules Specialty (100pc)


Finca Los Angeles is a beautiful 23 manzanas planted with only Pacamara farm situated in the Ahuachapán mountain range in El Salvador. This farm is part of the “Renacer” program (Reborn in Spanish) which is a technical coffee field school and educational program for local producers. Here the Pacamara is washed and floated before being processed as honey.

Cupping score: 88,5
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Capsules made in recyclable wood – 100% compostable

Region: Ahuachapán – El Salvador

Farmer: Sigfredo Corado

Size: 100pc capsules

Cultivar: Pacamara

Drying Process: Honey

Altitude: 1450m

Notes: Blackberry jam, mango and red wine with creamy body


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