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The Cafezal Project

Cafezal is the word in Portuguese for ‘coffee plantation’.
At the Cafezal, is where the coffee taste is created by nature through the dedication of millions of farmers.
Cafezal Project envisages reviewing you the most amazing coffee tastes in the world. Consequently, it rewards farmers who succeed in achieving product excellence by working in partnership with nature, to extract the best taste this bean can give to us.
Farmers like Sergio D’alessandro (picture below) are a great example. We saw how much of his life is dedicated to produce the highest quality coffee beans his Cafezal has ever produced, and how much value he shares with his communicaty and nature.
Join the Cafezal Project.

Partner farmers

Cafezal envisages only direct trade with responsible farmers, all over the world. Below our coffee list and the location of the farmers that collaborate with us.

Why Cafezal?

Cafezal selects and hand-roasts in Italy the best coffee beans to provide unique sensorial experiences to consumers at the most exclusive restaurants and coffee shops of the country.

Every pack of Cafezal coffee is a result of a rigorous selection process. Cafezal team selects the coffee beans from the finest farmers. Then, the coffee is exhaustively tasted one by one until the team is fully confident it represents the most exclusive coffee can be served across the world.

The beans are hand-roasted into the perfection, so natural aromas of the coffee beans are enhanced. This way, the dedication from farmers and the generosity of mother nature are all in there – in the unique taste from the sip in a cup of Cafezal coffee.

What is Specialty Coffee?

Let’s make a comparison with a product we all know well: wine. People know that wine have different quality and unique tastes depending on where the grapes are grown and in which winery was produced. Imagine for example the difference between a Barolo and a low-quality table wine.

The same applies to coffee. But, today we estimate that more than 95% of the coffee consumed in Italy and in the world is made with commodity quality beans.

Try a specialty coffee. Pay attention on the complex aromas, the natural sweetness, the refined texture and you will understand exactly what specialty coffee is all about.

In technical terms, coffee beans are assessed by specialists following the standards created by the international Specialty Coffee Association ( Only the coffees which achieve 80 points or higher in a scale of 100 are considered Specialty Coffee. Rarely a coffee can be graded above 90 points. But don’t worry, we find them!

Who we are?

This project starts by the passions of friends, whom after having built international carriers in global companies, still want to express their passion and love to coffee and bring its best to final customers.

Every team member is a coffee-lover and has joint the project with a clear mission about improving coffee farming worldwide, paying correct prices for the coffees we use and ensure only the best is served to our clients. We do our best, in every detail, from sourcing to packing, from client service to manual coffee roasting, all in a beautiful avant-garde Italian design coffee roastery.